Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whining About Work

Two less-than-perfect aspects of my job struck me today, and so I will share them with you:

One: The Perils of Internationalism
Sometimes, someone from the Canadian office wants to know about an Australian book. And that would be fine, except when they end up going through me. For bonus points, it's usually not even from my division. (Though it usually is about accounting.)

Two: Accountants Never Sleep
I've just seen the schedules for the two conferences I'll be manning a booth at during the next month, and they show that the exhibit hall -- where I need to be during open hours -- opens at 6:45 for one and 7:00 for the other. If I ever hear a SF con dealer complain about having to be at his table at ten AM again, heads will roll...

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John Klima said...

But the problem of being at a table at 10 is that I was just up until 5 or 6. :D

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