Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Who Got Goodkind?

Today's Publishers Lunch teases their (pay) Deal News service with several half-reports, including "Terry Goodkind moves houses."

So, does anyone out there know: which house, and has the dollar amount been released? (I'm assuming this is the two-book deal for A Different Kind of Human and The Hinges of Hell; if not, that would also be interesting news.)


Ran said...

Putnam, according to Publisher's Weekly. Sounds like they're mainstream thrillers -- are those what those titles you mentioned are supposed to be?

Ran said...

Nevermind, I found your earlier posting regarding those books. It's rather confusing. He's got a two book deal with Doubleday Canada, we've got the titles ... _and_ a three book deal with Putnam, titles unknown? He's got a lot of work ahead if him.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Balerion: My thoughts exactly -- are these three books different from the two titles he sold to Doubleday Canada, or did Putnam buy those two (which have working titles that perhaps Putnam doesn't love) and one more?

And, if the US deal follows the lines of Anonymous #2 of my earlier post, the numbers look much better if it's a three-book deal and not a two-book deal -- obviously, there's 50% more expected revenue.

Susan Allison is a smart publisher, and Putnam/Berkley is a great operation -- if anyone can "break out" Goodkind, they can.

The "wider market" talk is the kind of thing publishers always say when writers want to jump genres, but Goodkind has already been a #1 New York Times bestseller, so I remain a bit skeptical that anyone can get him a vast new, completely different audience. I wish them all luck, though -- the more SFF writers -- or ex-SFF writers -- selling really well, the better.

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