Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Hiring Again

Once again, I'm looking for a Marketing Assistant, to work with me and my boss (and with two other Marketing Managers) to support a high-volume, high-energy line of books for finance and accounting professionals. (We're not everything in this section, but we're a lot of that stuff -- 300-350 ISBNs a year.) We're looking for the usual motivated self-starter looking to get into publishing, and also (preferably) someone with some knowledge of and/or interest in finance, economics, and business.

If that job sounds like a good fit for you, drop me an e-mail.

Note that this is not editorial, not the pretty-pretty fiction side of the business (which has been shedding jobs for the last year or so), and not glamorous. It can be a lot of fun, though, and Wiley is a great company to work for, with lots of smart, motivated, interesting people doing excellent work.

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