Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Turkish Spam Update

After a long hiatus, the Turkish spam has returned. They're now trying to sell me women's clothing. (I think; I don't read Turkish.)

Turkish spammers are more professional and serious than their American and Chinese counterparts -- in fact, this message probably wouldn't be considered spam under the strictest definitions if it were delivered to someone who could understand it -- but they do clearly have trouble targeting the right audience.

They've also learned not to have the entire ad be one large JPEG, so they're advancing through the world of e-commerce in leaps and bounds. That does mean, unfortunately, that I can't just shove the whole ad here as an example. I did, however, pull one picture out as an example.

Attention, Turkish Spammers! I'm not the audience you want. I suspect everyone with an e-mail address that ends in "optonline.net" is not the audience you want. But you amuse me, so I will let you live, for now.

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