Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Social Networking Policy

This is one of those posts that I'll just link to for eternity, and probably only amend very slightly as necessary. It's always been clear in my head, but I doubt it's as clear outside that space.

Update: added sections with headers, just because.

Antick Musings and Comments:Anyone can read this blog. Anyone can comment on this blog, once they jump through the minor word-verification hoop. I've only deleted spam comments so far, and I intend to only delete spam comments -- that's not an invitation to test my limits, though. There are no in-group-only posts here, and there never will be.

My definition of "spam comment," though, is fairly expansive -- if a comment has no clear relationship to the post it's attached to, and it contains a link, there's an excellent chance that I'll consider it spam and delete it. Caveat commentor.


On Twitter, I don't auto-follow people, but I do check out those who follow me, and have followed some. I don't keep up on Twitter nor tweet as much as I think I should, so it's very likely I haven't seen anything specific that "everyone knows about."

After some waffling about, I'll accept any friends on Facebook. I haven't yet deleted anyone there, but the day may come. I also spend very little time directly on Facebook; it's mostly a port of this blog and the Twitter feed.

On LinkedIn, I only connect with people that I have a professional connection to. If I don't already know you, I won't connect to you. If we've worked together and I might not remember you, please feel free to ask to connect and remind me of who you are. Authors do count as people I've worked with, as long as we've been connected through a particular book at some point.

My e-mail is relatively public, and anyone can e-mail me. I may not always respond -- quickly or ever -- though.

Just to underline this point -- I haven't had any problems yet, and I'd like to keep it that way -- I'm neither an agent nor an editor, and I don't accept submissions of any kind. Come to think of it, I should also say that Antick Musings is utterly a closed shop; there have been no guest bloggers here and I expect there never will be.

Other Networks:
I'm not active anywhere else; there are plenty of other Andrew Wheelers in this world (and at least one other Hornswoggler), but they're not me.

Linking Policy:
I intermittently realize that my blogroll is creakily old and make a vow to clean and update it. But I haven't managed to get to that cleaning in a very long time. So you certainly could write to me and ask to be added to the blogroll, and I might even check out your site/blog/project/what-have-you and want to add your link, but the odds of it actually happening are very slim.

Since Antick Musings is on the Internet, which is designed to facilitate the connection of information, anyone and everyone has whatever permission is necessary (which is "none at all") to link to any post here or to the blog itself. No requests are ever necessary. Quoting and/or reusing my writings, though, are subject to the usual tedious copyright requirements.

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