Friday, October 02, 2009

Movie Log: Caramel

I'm vastly behind on movies, and about to run off on a business trip, so I'm going to type up a few quick thoughts on each of them and just let them post in the dead spaces of the weekend. (Half of the reason I do these posts is just to remind myself that I did see a movie, and what I thought of it, anyway.)

So: Caramel. It's a "four women" movie set in Lebanon, and I never quite caught the names of all of the women. (And there's more than four of them, I guess, but four are more important, and "four women" stories are traditional -- almost as traditional as "three generations of women" stories, which are somewhat different.) It circles around a hair salon that seems to be very non-busy, which gives the women time to worry about their complicated personal lives. (One is sleeping with a married man, one is a deeply closeted lesbian, and so on -- it's pretty much all about their love lives, and it's indy/foreign enough that they don't get pat happy endings.)

I didn't really engage with Caramel, for whatever reason; I liked the characters but didn't care about them, and now, after a couple of weeks, I don't remember it well. Women will probably enjoy it more than men, though even The Wife found it slow. (Though she's calling nearly every movie I pick "slow" these days, which may be a complaint about more than individual movies.)

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