Friday, October 16, 2009

Quote of the Week

"The subject of what women look for in a partner is ripe for further research. For example, in surveys 72 percent of women claim that "a good sense of humor" is the most important factor. Yet one High Street chain of sex shops now reports sales of over two million vibrators a year (Ann Summers Press & Marketing Pack, January 19, 2005). Assuming an average product life span of seven years, by 2015 there will be more vibrators in the UK than there are men. Presumably they are not all being bought for their ability to make women laugh."
- footnote 2, section 11.2 (on p. 90) of Anthony Strong's novel Chemistry for Beginners


Leo Petr said...

A device could conceivably supplement rather than replace a partner.

Clearly, they should compare the sales of Mike Myers movies against those of vibrators.

Unknown said...

Funny and all, but what an idiotic thing to say.

"The number one thing women look for in a partner is a sense of humor. Also, there are more tampons than people in the UK. Presumably, these tampons are not being purchased for their ability to make women laugh."

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