Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Creek Did Rise

The Wife and I had a tiring night last night, baling water out of our basement as fast as it could wick up through the floor -- and that was pretty darn quick, some of the time -- but we kept it contained, and there should be only minor damage. (So I'm doing nothing like complaining -- there are hundreds of people two and three streets away who got several feet of water for the second time in a week.) We finally decided it was oozing slowly enough to put towels down and go to sleep about 4:30, and which point we were both pretty punchy.

That did mean that I didn't have any blogging time yesterday, particularly since the working day was busy and eventful, with a visit to an undisclosed location on Long Island to pick up data for a product none of you will care about -- but which will nevertheless eat the lunch right out of the hands of our competitors. I ended up with a bare two hours in the office to get everything necessary done -- which I did, of course; I'm a superstar like that-- and that led to a certain frantic air. And transportation has been interesting for the last several days, what with rising rivers and so on.

What I should be doing now is writing reviews of Connie Willis's double-decker doorstop Blackout/All Clear and Mary Robinette Kowal's Nebula-nominated Regency fantasy Shades of Milk and Honey, but I don't think I have the brain cells for those today. Maybe I can catch up on my editorial cartoons for Editorial Explanations (plug plug), but that's about the limit of my ratiocinative abilities right now.

Hope that the weather is treating you better than that. (Not that my weather stacks up compared to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, which I'm trying not to look at.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,

Been there too. Bailing frantically in the dead of night just simply sucks (my worst moment was when I noticed a stream gushing out of the fuse box), but console yourself! The homestead was successfully defended! You win!

Yay team!



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