Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lunacon in the Rear-view

This was my first year in the dealer's room -- I've found other ways of getting rid of review copies in the past, said ways often including "still having them lying around the basement several years later." Getting them out and into the hands of other people is a much better solution, and having a home base in the middle of a con is a nice thing, as well.

(On the other hand, packing, unpacking and schlepping boxes made this weekend feel very much like certain aspects of my day job, without the consoling feeling of a regular paycheck at the end of it.)

Otherwise, it was a Lunacon; they seem to be continuing to dwindle and sail into the West. I saw hardly any publishing folks, which makes me think they're either all avoiding conventions or avoiding this convention. (And, if the latter, it's awfully damning, since this one is a short train ride away from midtown Manhattan, where all of their offices are.) And Lunacon also doesn't seem to get the crop of major writers and artists that it used to get, either -- the locals show up, more or less, but no one from any distance.

It may be time to venture further afield again; I heard good things about Balticon this weekend, and the one Boskone I made it to was zippy and snazzy. But this was a weekend away with The Wife, which is not nothing -- and was, actually, quite nice.

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