Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Lunacon Schedule

If you, like me, will be spending this coming weekend at the lovely and enchanting Escher Hilton in bucolic Rye Brook, New York, you may wish to either seek out or avoid the following locations, where I will most likely be found:

6:00 The History of the Book
8:00 2010 Ebook Smackdown!
10:00 The Death of Borders and What Does It Mean For Books

(Yes, it does look like I'll be talking about almost exactly the same thing, for three solid hours, with different company and with breaks for other activities.)

2:00 The Economy and the Genre

10:00 Support Your Fantasy Regime
11:00 To E- or Not to E-
(I'm also scheduled for something at 1:00, but that looks like last year's Art GOH presentation, which is the kind of weird confusion I've come to expect from Lunacon.)

Most of the rest of the time, you can find me in the Huckster's Room, where I'll have a table. If you like "Reviewing the Mail," you'll love my table, since that's most of what I'll have -- that stuff has been threatening to fall over and kill me (both books I've read and those I haven't), and I'm finally trying to get rid of them in a kind of fannish garage sale. Prices are cheap, and I may even respond to haggling -- come over and check it out. This offer is unlikely to ever be repeated; if I don't get rid of this stuff this year, I'll have to find something else to do with it.

(The Huckster's Table also provides a rare occasion to meet The Wife, who will be spending the weekend making fun of SF people in undertone remarks to me and eating lots of ice under the auspices of pretending to help me.)

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