Monday, March 14, 2011

Decade Meme

I've probably done a version of this before, but I've seen several people doing it this last week -- the link I can lay my hand on right now is Nick Mamatas, who calls it "UK Census Game" for no reason I'm privy to -- and my life is very hectic right now, so content I don't have to think about and run-on sentences are A-OK for me.

2011: Pompton Lakes, NJ. Head above water (literally), married with two tween kids (now 10 and turning-13-on-Thursday). Working in marketing of serious professional stuff for a big non-fiction publisher, with lots of meetings and lots of transformational digital things going on. Started a second blog because I wasn't busy enough. Baseball season for younger son about to begin.

2001: Pompton Lakes, NJ. Same house, same kids (one of whom had just been born two days after Christmas 2000), same wife. Working as an editor for the SFBC and a club for hunting and fishing, in our Times Square offices. Had real office with a metal door and my own window, which I am not at all bitter about losing. Not blogging yet but writing lots of copy for the clubs, plus poking my head into rec.arts.sf.written nearly daily.

1991: Wayne, NJ. Living in my mother's house (but paying rent!) one year out of college. Searching for a job after my first one disappeared when the company closed up the NYC office, though I'm just one month out from my first day at the book clubs, so I might have had my first interview right around now. Unmarried, no kids, no car, no serious possessions. In retrospect, the moment when I might have run off and done something crazy/interesting. But I was so not that kind of person. Had just started a reading journal so I would feel like I'm accomplishing something every day.

1981: Wayne, NJ. Same house. Attending George Washington Junior High School, and probably still getting bullied off-and-on. (That stopped in the fall, when I got into three fights within a month.) Tall, gawky, bad hair, ugly glasses -- but it was 1981, and we were all in junior high, so we all pretty much looked bad.

1971: Rochester, NY. Mastering the details of walking and talking, and probably watching a lot of Sesame Street.

1961: Nowhere. My parents wouldn't meet for another several years.


Ray said...

The 'UK census meme' because the UK census is on every ten years, including this year.

Crotchety Old Fan said...

you lived in a bunch of the same places I did, but my decades are different, lol.

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