Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Is Not a Blog Post

So I had a 4-7 meeting today, complete with dinner -- there are some issues you just don't have the time to hash out during the working day, and it actually was a great meeting that accomplished what it needed to.

Unfortunately, coming out of it, I looked at the train schedule that isn't effective until Sunday, and tried to catch the 7:17 train. Which, since it wasn't Sunday yet, was actually a 7:00 train today, and had already left.

Now, the next train was at 8:56.
  • A normal man would have slipped into the bar at the Hoboken terminal to while away a few hours.
  • A workaholic man would have gone back to the office to get things done.
  • A smart man would have taken the PATH into New York, and caught an express bus out from there.

But this man got on a train at 7:32 that went part of the way, caught a transfer, and ended up, two stops shy of my car, at about 8:30. On a platform without any real shelter. In the pouring rain. Until 9:39, when that next train finally arrived.

Thus there will be no blogging tonight. Tomorrow, regular service will resume, God willing and the creek don't rise.

(And that last is not a metaphor; we're under a flood watch and may well be evacuated in the next 24 hours. Ah, the wonders of living in riverine country!)

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