Thursday, October 27, 2022

Minecraft: Wither Without You, Vol. 3 by Kristen Gudsnuk

So this is the end of a trilogy: I don't expect you'll know what's going on unless you're familiar with the first two books. Even more so: it's a sharecropped trilogy, set in the world of the videogame Minecraft, so there's an additional hurdle before you even read the first book. So my audience may, somewhat limited today.

Minecraft: Wither Without You, Vol. 3 finishes up Kristen Gudsnuk's take on the Minecraft monster-hunting team story, with friendship and camaraderie and big epic fights and happy endings strewn about like new cars at an Oprah taping.

Go read my post on the first two books (linked above) if you want to know more, but I can give you the TL; DR version here. Gudsnuk is awesome (try Henchgirl if you've never read her stuff!), with a wonderful energy and verve that works well in the Minecraft milieu. In this book, the teen monster hunting twins Cahira and Orion, along with their mentor Senan and Atria, who is something like a comrade and something like a client they're guiding home, both reach their final destination and have the big battle with the fiendish Wither they've been chasing and fighting for two books already.

Yes, they win. What kind of book do you think this is?

As I said the first time, this is mostly for Minecraft fans and secondarily for people like me who just want more Gudsnuk stories. If you're in neither of those buckets...well, you could start with the first book of this trilogy. But jumping right into this book would be deeply silly.

(Coincidentally, a lot of the best stuff in this book is deeply silly.)

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