Saturday, October 22, 2022

Quote of the Week: Yes, a 'Hemihead" Is Exactly What You Are Picturing Right Now

Dissection is about priorities: some parts are cut away so that other parts can be seen more clearly. Skulls are sawn through to get to brains; brains are pulled out to yield skulls. And, in the process, a person is turned into a series of artefacts that each belong in their own category: skulls, brains, hemiheads, pineal glands, optic nerves. Each category of things has its own value to society, a value with rises and falls with the intellectual tide, the technological facilities of the time, and the broader cultural milieu. The rise of the brain has as much to do with the history of chemistry and preservatives as with the theories of the scientists involved.

 - Frances Larson, Severed, p.237

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