Saturday, October 01, 2022

Books Read: September 2022

As always, I try to do these index-style posts on the first weekend of a new month, so this is about as timely as possible, since October begins on a Saturday. Here's what I read last month; links will follow when the posts go live.

Kristen Gudsnuk, Minecraft: Wither Without You, Vol. 3 (9/1, digital)

Jeff Lemire, Tonci Zonjic, and Steve Wands, Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy (9/2, digital)

Bastien Vives, The Blouse (9/3, digital)

John McNamee, Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears (9/4, digital)

Liz Prince, Be Your Own Backing Band (9/5, digital)

Catherynne M. Valente, Palimpsest (9/5)

Sergio Aragones with Mark Evanier, Groo: Friends and Foes, Vol. 1 (9/10, digital)

Sam Kieth, Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams (9/11, digital)

George O'Connor, Dionysos: The New God (9/17)

Ysabeau S. Wilce, Prophecies, Libels and Dreams (9/17)

Lewis Trondheim, Ralph Azham, Vol. 1: Black Are the Stars (9/18)

Gary Panter, Jimbo: Adventures in Paradise (9/23)

Bastien Vives, Florent Ruppert, and Jerome Mulot, The Grand Odalisque (9/24)

Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, Unshelved: Library Mascot Cage Match (9/25)

Next month, I feel confident in predicting, there will be more books.

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