Monday, October 31, 2022

Reviewing the Mail: Week of October 29, 2022

Two books this time, both recently published and both from Tachyon. But, otherwise, they are quite different....

The Unbalancing is a new book in R.B. Lemberg's "Birdverse" universe. It's at least the second published book in that world, after Four Profound Weaves, but the first novel. (I also think there have been some pieces of short fiction, published elsewhere and maybe even collected when I wasn't paying attention.)  This is a fantasy world deeply influenced by language and, I think, with more gender options than some readers are used to. Lemberg is a poet as well - I think a poet first - which likely influences the language.

The Emperor's Soul is a 2012 novella by Brandon Sanderson, who you may have heard of. A few of his books have sold a couple of copies, you might say. This won the Hugo when it was originally published and was nominated for the World Fantasy; this edition is a 10th anniversary republication with a deleted scene and some other stuff added. 

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