Saturday, June 24, 2023

Quote of the Week: That New-Fangled Religion

The baker who bought me was a decent enough fellow, but was unhappily married. His wife was the wickedest woman I met in all my travels and treated him so badly that I used often to groan in secret pity for him. There was no single vice which she did not possess: her heart was a regular cesspool into which every sort of filthy sewer empties. She was malicious, cruel, spiteful, lecherous, drunken, selfish, obstinate, as mean in her petty thefts as she was wasteful in her grand orgies, and an enemy of all that was honest and clean. She also professed  perfect scorn for the Immortals and rejected all true religion in favor of a fantastic and blasphemous cult of an 'Only God.'

 - Apuleius, trans. Robert Graves, The Golden Ass, pp.203-204

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