Friday, June 23, 2023

That Was Long Ago In Another Country

I worked for the SFBC (and its various parent companies) for 5882 days, from April 15th, 1991 (Tax Day!) up through May 22nd, 2007 (my wedding anniversary!) I suppose I should be happy that the dates are easy to remember....

Since I have an excessively tidy mind, I occasionally count up those days, and how many days it's been since then.

5882 days since May 22nd, 2007 is June 23, 2023. So, as of today, I've been out of the SF field as long as I was in it. Go me!

Similarly, I worked in book publishing from August 1, 1990 [1] through February 28, 2015. (That includes a couple of stretches of unemployment between book-publishing jobs, which I think is fair, but it may be an asterisk.) That is 8978 days.

And, doing the same exercise: 8978 days since Feb 28, 2015 is September 28, 2039. I'll be 70 years old at that point, so presumably retired. If this blog is still around then, maybe I'll make note of the day.

This all means nothing. But it is yet another stark reminder that we all get older, time never stops passing, and we're none of us as young or special as we think we are.

[1] I had a job before the SFBC: my first out-of-college position was as an Editorial Assistant for Gale Research, a mostly-reference publisher which at the time had a NY office. One month to the day after I started, they decided they didn't want to have a NY office anymore, so it closed at the end of that November, putting all of us NY Galeites out of work for Christmas. One might note that I have, so far, never left a professional job under my own power.

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