Friday, August 15, 2008

I Am Lucky in Minor, Backhanded Ways

I've noted this privately before, but generally not brought it up in public, since it would look like bragging. But events generally tend to break my way, when bad things happen.

I just thought of it again today, with the news of Netflix's mailing troubles. I just got a Netflix envelope at home yesterday; I was one of the people they did manage to mail to on Wednesday. (The big glitch delayed me a day; another DVD looks to be on its way today.)

My major bit of unlikely luck, though, was getting laid off last year -- I was out before the economy started to go south, and landed in a nice stable company (check out our annual report for lots of boring statistics about how solid we are), just as my old company went through its latest round of gyrations.

(And I know how conservative and risk-averse I am: I would never have left that job under my own power, no matter how bad things got.)

When I had heart trouble a few years back, it wasn't the heart attack I thought I was having, but something less exciting and easier to deal with.

All in all, whenever something unpleasant happens to me, it's generally not as big as it could have been, and it usually leads to things getting better.

This is my superpower: I am All-for-the-best Lad! It is a small thing, but mine own.

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Michael A. Burstein said...

Apre vous, le deluge.

Or something like that.

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