Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bipartisanship in Our Time

According to editorial cartoonist Mike Lester, liking our new president (or, perhaps, simple optimism) is the equivalent to mass-murder and religious fanaticism.

Um, not to be all "reality-based" or anything here, but which major American political party is more associated with religious fanatics, again?

Mike Lester
Rome News Tribune
Feb 17, 2009


Anonymous said...

As a cartoonist, and a liberal, I enjoy most of Mike Lester's work, even though I rarely agree with it. He's usually pretty damn funny. But this particular cartoon goes a little too far, I think.

Jeff P.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Jeff P.: I love Lester's drawing -- he's already got a nice, sour Obama caricature that works quite well -- and don't usually mind his clear right-wing slant. But this one took the "drinking the Kool-Aid" metaphor much too literally.

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