Thursday, February 22, 2007

Because It Seems Like I Am Very Rare in This Regard

I went to Boskone last weekend, and am not now debilitated by intestinal distress, nor have I been afflicted with same in the last week. But it looks like a lot of people are down -- anyone have any idea what happened? (This seems to be something other than the usual flu-like creeping con crud.)


Ryan Freebern said...

I also managed to avoid the Boskone Bug. Maybe there was something in the food? I didn't eat any meat or seafood while there.

Anonymous said...

There has been an epidemic of norovirus in the Boston/New England area. I had my bout with it about 2 weeks ago. Very unpleasant.

Brad Ackerman said...

Can't blame me -- I had sinusitis.

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