Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Movie Log: Friends With Money

The Wife and I watched Friends With Money Saturday night [that would now be a week ago Saturday -- Ed.]; that's as close to a date as old suburban married couples (with little kids) like us get.

The title is a bit cringe-worthy (look! it's Jennifer Aniston! She used to be on a big TV show! now, what was the name of that show? you know, I just can't remember!)

And, once again, I wrote the above and then left this to sit for a week or so. Now I can't remember much of the movie. I did enjoy it -- it's got a lot of good performances -- but I couldn't say much more than that. (Though the fact that I find three of those four women really attractive -- sorry, Frances, nothing personal -- didn't hurt, I'm sure.)

I do remember talking to The Wife sometime in the middle about how this is the kind of movie I gravitate towards; I like character studies, and low-key looks at relatively real life. As I said to her then, I get way too much plot in the day job; when it comes to movies, I'm looking for other things. (So, if you're looking for lots of plot in a movie, you probably don't want this.)

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