Monday, February 19, 2007

Incoming Books: 19 February

I seem to get to my favorite bookstore, the Montclair Book Center, about every two months. (My last two visits were 12/22 and 10/24 -- and how do I know? because I've saved the receipts on my desk here at home, and I check off the books as I read them.) So it was time to go again today.

Thing 1 came with me, and got random middle volumes of Digimon and Dragon Ball, since that's what they had. (It's a serendipitous shop; going in with specific books in mind is not always useful.)

For myself, I found:
  • About Alice by Calvin Trillin
  • House of Meetings by Martin Amis
  • Lemons Never Lie by Richard Stark
    They actually had a good-sized Hard Case Crime display, which reminded me to get this one. And the first blurb on the back is from "Paul Kavanagh," which is perfect. (Kavanagh is to Lawrence Block as Stark is to Donald Westlake.)
  • The Unbinding by Walter Kirn
    I've read and enjoyed two of Kirn's novels in the past (most recently Thumbsucker), and I remembered the cover of this one from The Book Design Review.
  • The Meadowlands by Robert Sullivan
  • Ode to Kirihito by Osamu Tezuka
    A massive medical-horror manga by the guy best known for Astro Boy. It's a great package, and was blurbed by a lot of interesting people (from Neil Gaiman to Adrian Tomine).
  • Scrum Bums by Darby Conley
    A Get Fuzzy collection
  • Heckuva Job, Bushie! by G.B. Trudeau
    a Doonesbury collection
I'm diving into About Alice tomorrow, and I might actually manage to read all of these in the next couple of weeks, if other things don't jump ahead of them.

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