Monday, February 05, 2007

If All Goes Well, There Will Be a Map Below

I'm only doing this because James Nicoll did it first. If all my friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, I'd probably try to sell it.

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

I'm assuming this map will fill up with little white triangles as time goes on. If it doesn't, then we'll know I screwed up.


Anonymous said...

Would whoever is visiting from Churchill, Manitoba (or thereabouts) please identify himself?

Keith Morrison, is that you?

Graeme said...

Does it work if you read via the RSS feed? I could *see* the map in the feed (which was neat) but because I'm within The US Northeastern Blob I couldn't tell whether I had really arrived, so to speak.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Graeme: I really don't know how it works. I suspect that if you load the map at all, you get counted (since I didn't add any other code to the page), but I'm no HTML expert.

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