Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For Your Hugo Consideration...

Since everyone else shamelessly pimps their own achievements at this time of year, there's no reason for me to be left behind...

If you're trying to fill up your Hugo Nomination Ballot in the Best Editor: Long Form category, might I suggest my boss, the uncrowned queen of SF, Ellen Asher? She's been the editor of the SFBC, one of the biggest and most influential SF publishing lines, for 34 years this coming Thursday, and has never even been nominated for a Hugo.

And for your Best Novella category, might I remind you that the stories in Escape from Earth: New Adventures in Space, Forbidden Planets, and One Million A.D. are all eligible this year? I'm particularly fond of Charles Stross's "Missile Gap" and Robert Reed's "Good Mountain" from One Million A.D., myself, but your tastes may differ.

Actually, one of the stories in those books isn't eligible in the Novella category, because it's a Novelette. That's Walter Jon Williams's "Incarnation Day," another one of my favorites.

That's all I've got for you that I was involved in; otherwise, I urge you to vote your consciences. But please do nominate and vote, if you're eligible to do so.

Update, 2/6: John Scalzi points out that he and other SFnal bloggers are eligible for the "Best Fan Writer" Hugo. So I guess I am, too. But I don't encourage you to vote for me there; that would be deeply silly. (But not quite silly enough to be really funny, which would make it worthwhile.)

That does remind me, though, that I want to recommend James Nicoll for "Best Fan Writer," for his LJ and for his posts in rec.arts.sf.written. Yes, he does do freelance work for me, but I asked him to work for me because I loved his posts and his take on the SF field, so that's got to be some kind of legitimation: he got paying work because he was so entertaining as a fan writer.


Kevin Standlee said...

You may want to point that information at the Hugo Recommendations LiveJournal if it's possible for you to do so; that will help others trying to look up what other people have recommended.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Thanks, Kevin -- I've posted a notice there pointing to this post.

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