Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In Which I Probably Annoy a Whole Lot of People

The latest "Mind Meld" at SF Signal asked the question Gender imbalance in genre fiction publishing is an ongoing point of discussion in the blogosphere. Is there an issue here? If so, then what are possible solutions? What can readers, writers, editors and publishers do to rectify the situation?

I was one of the folks asked to answer it, and I have to admit I'm not particularly worried about this particular problem, so my answer may not be as diplomatic or constructive as those of others. (I haven't yet read the post to see what other people said.)

Among the folks answering this question are Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Hal Duncan, John C. Wright, Jeff VanderMeer, and several others.


Robert Hutchinson said...

Considering that John C. Wright submitted a response, I think the chances that you annoyed very many people are slim.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Robert: I have seen LJ comments to the tune of "ignore the evil patriarchal hegemonists Wright and Wheeler," which annoy me, since I don't think I'm saying at all the same thing he is.

(People can certainly dislike what I say, and think I'm wrong, but I'd prefer that they actually understand me first.)

Robert Hutchinson said...

For the record, since I didn't say it explicitly, I don't think you're saying the same thing Wright is, either.

(I also think that Wright has one or two good points--compare to how long his entire response is, of course.)

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