Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Responses to Hugo Handicapping

Mike Glyer thinks I'm making "a public display of contempt" in my comments about the fan categories. It's certainly his prerogative to have any opinion he wants, but I like to think that -- unlike some Hugo-watchers -- I actually notice that there are fan categories, and try in some small way to understand them. (He's quite right that I don't know much about those categories, but, if I'm going to run down the list of Hugos, they're on the list and need to be addressed somehow.)

And that entire post was based on received wisdom and common knowledge; that was the whole point of it. There was no research involved -- it took long enough without any. I didn't Google to be sure that Frank Wu removed himself from contention; I also didn't mention that Donato Giancola did the same in the Pro Artist category. It was not intended as an even-handed, sober consideration of everyone's chances, and I deliberately held off doing it until after voting closed.

If Mike wants to see me actually expressing contempt, I'd suggest that my various comments about the Dramatic Presentation Hugos (and the similar "Best Script" Nebula) are a better fit. When it comes to fan Hugos, "bemused ignorance" is closer to the mark.

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