Friday, July 11, 2008

Standing Up to Be Counted

So, William Sanders, huh? The question of the week -- is he a racist jerk, or a victim of unprofessional behavior?

Well, he's both, actually -- but the unprofessionalism is awfully mild, and exceptionally minor, compared to the racism. So calling attention to the latter to minimize the former is disingenuous at best.

This is one of those times when everyone in the field has to stand up on one side or another and be counted. I'm probably not free of racism myself --how does that song go? -- but I can tell it when I see it. And this is it.

I'm not going to call for him to be drummed out of the SF field and hounded unto death -- as some of the more blood-thirsty commentors at Making Light would prefer -- but bad behavior should be publicly disapproved of.

(Context: K. Tempest Bradford with as much of Sanders's letter as remains posted; Tobias Buckell being reasonable and thoughtful, as usual. Following all the associated links could consume hours of time; I do not recommend checking out the Asimov's boards on this subject.)


jmnlman said...

is it recommended to look at the Asimov's boards for any subject?

Brad Holden said...

Bill Higgins wins the internets

Andrew Wheeler said...

jmnlman: I've heard tell that the discussions about stories that actually appeared in Asimov's are occasionally interesting, but I don't know from personal experience.

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