Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not That I'm Proud of This...

I've mentioned a couple of times that I was just on a five-day business trip to San Francisco. And I've blogged before about the agony of picking the right book(s) for a trip -- what if I get stuck on a five-hour flight with a book I don't want to keep reading?

So I thought I should come clean about my book-packing for this trip. It was high, even for me, since I threw in the things I wanted to cover for ComicMix this week, and I was also doing the Hard Case Crime thing as well.

But I packed fourteen books for five days away -- seven Hard Case and seven comics.

Although I should point out that I read eleven of those during those five days, and one more today, after I got back. So it looks like I packed only slightly too many books -- and I can live with that.


Anonymous said...

Last time my wife and I went on a flight-heavy week-long trip, we took seventeen books between the two of us. And then stopped at a Barnes and Noble mid-vacation to get more books.

(And if that's not quite as overkillish as your total, well, one of the books was one of those Baroque Cycle doorstops, so.)

Anonymous said...

Next time you visit San Francisco please drop by the VIZ power station. We would like to meet you.


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