Monday, April 26, 2010

The Decider Explains How He Decided

Today's morning Publishers Weekly newsletter brings word that Crown has scheduled Decision Points, the memoir from ex-president George W. Bush, for this November 9th.

The big takeaway here is the date -- one week after Election Day. If Bush was hoping to influence the election -- like Palin and Rove and a thousand other operatives on both sides -- he'd want his book out substantially earlier. Coming out one week after the election signals an intention to be seen as statesmanlike and above the fray, in line with previous ex-Presidents.

He's also been silent about the major issues of the day since leaving office, so this is probably a larger, coherent strategy. (And one that not all ex-office-holders follow: his former Veep, Cheney, has been very vociferous, particularly on national-security issues.)

It's good to see that Bush can be polite and thoughtful when he needs to be, but 2010 is somewhat later than we might have liked for proof of that.

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