Monday, April 26, 2010

More Fun With Blogger

Can anyone explain to me why "new" Blogger -- the supposedly zippier and better editing package, which I tried again over the weekend before giving up on once again in favor of "old" Blogger -- highlights its spell-check "errors" (in actuality, most proper names, lots of jargon, and plenty of perfectly good words) in the actual post itself?!

The old version doesn't do this -- could it have been a deliberate design decision? (That would be monumentally thick, even for a software engineer, but it could be true.)

I also note that the gosh-wow Amazon Associate plug-in still doesn't work for me in New Blogger, which would have been the major reason for switching anyway.

Feh. I'd really prefer not to move to some platform that would have me actually paying money to bloviate, but it may become necessary, some time in the future. I suspect this blog's design is getting to look a bit '95 Geocities to some eyes....

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