Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Movie Log: Couples Retreat

I'd been under the impression that Couples Retreat was an utterly bland and mostly unfunny Hollywood "comedy" and so I came into it with low expectations. Perhaps that's what did the trick, because I enjoyed it -- oh, it is fairly bland (like the Des Moines version of Thai food), but The Wife and I found it to be actually funny most of the time.

Oh, sure, it's generic and obvious, a clearly contrived slab of Hollywood Product arrayed around a fistful of currently trendy jokes, personality types, problems, and talking points. But it is funny most of the time, in its non-threatening and renormative way.

But it's really not worth taking any more time or space that that -- it's the story of a bunch of attractive people who go to a more attractive place to do funny things and then remember why they Really Love Each Other. It could have used a bit more edge or point of view, but it does what it wants to do, and what it wants to do is generally admirable and pleasant.
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