Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ardath Mayhar Gets the SFWA Gold Watch

Attention, publishers! If you happen to see any proposals from Ardath Mayhar, ignore them -- she has been declared by SFWA to be this year's Author Emeritus, and, like all other Emeriti the world over, she is officially retired.

Well, maybe not -- I have no personal knowledge of Ms. Mayhar's writing plans -- but that's what I think every year when I see the announcement. And how can an organization of writers be so clueless about words?

In other news, Joe Lansdale, hisownself, will be Toastmaster at this year's Nebula Awards.

No Grandmaster has been announced, which may mean there won't be one this year...or may mean that it just hasn't been announced yet.

[via SF Scope]


Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing, but since I was posting news, not opinion, I decided to leave that opinion out.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Ian: That's why it's so much more fun not to be a news site! I can indulge as many opinions as I have...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can do opinion, too. I just have to label it as such. But I decided that was a news article... odd news, but news.

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