Saturday, January 26, 2008

Aurealis Award Winners

Awards season is on us again -- or does it ever actually end? -- with the announcement of the winners of Australia's prestigious Aurealis Awards for 2007.

I note that of the winners of Best SF Novel, Best Fantasy Novel, Best Horror Novel, and Best Young Adult Novel, I've only heard of one of them, which probably means that a lot of good stuff is not making the long journey up-and-over.

I also note that the winner of the Best Children's (8-12 years) Long Fiction is books 2-6 of a series, which is odd -- they may be wonderful, and they may be long (combined), but whatever happened to the first book? Is that one execrable, or jettisonable, or just not awardable?

[via Locus Online]

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Cheryl said...

whatever happened to the first book

My guess is that it was published outside of the eligibility year. It does seem rather odd though. Either give the award to the series, in which case most awards would take the publication date of the final volume, of give it to a single book.

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