Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Hugo Race Begins

The nomination period for the 2008 Hugo Awards is now open; any members of last year's Worldcon (Nippon 2007) or this year's Worldcon (Denvention 3) can nominate up to five works in each category. (Or as few as one work in one category.)

I probably won't nominate this year; I don't have a membership in Denvention 3, I don't intend to attend, and spending $50 just to nominate does not excite me. I also haven't been reading as intently in the field for the last six months, for reasons related to my employment status.

But that just means that your vote will have greater impact; if you're eligible, at least put up something.


Kevin Standlee said...

$40, actually, but if $50 is too much, $40 is as well, yes?. (Seriously -- no sarcasm intended -- is there any non-zero amount you'd be willing to pay for annual membership dues in the World Science Fiction Society?)

Were you a member of Nippon 2007? That would at least make you able to nominate.

Kevin Standlee said...

Well, never mind. D3 raised their supporting memberships from $40 to $50 while I wasn't looking. (As I always vote-and-convert, thereby always getting the least-expensive memberships available, I don't always notice when those increases happen.)

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