Friday, January 25, 2008

Various Links

Too short to be their own posts! Too interesting to ignore!
  • John Klima wants you to know that he's been blogging longer than you have (though he's too polite to put it like that) and that he desperately wants steampunk stories for his great magazine Electric Velocipede (though not quite yet, since his reading period doesn't open until April 1st). So go out there and write some great steampunk for John!

  • Geek Alert! Proving once again that everything can be graphed, Virgil Griffith of CalTech has charted various colleges' SAT scores against their favorite books to create Booksthatmakeyoudumb. [via Boing Boing]

  • I've recently posted some stuff at ComicMix -- my usual "Manga Friday" feature, covering books called Sundome, Y Square, and Hell Girl; and a review of Marc-Antoine Mathieu's The Museum Vaults. And I forgot to put an exclamation point in this item! So I'll add a few at the end!!!

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