Friday, January 25, 2008

A Taxonomy of Pizza

I just ate lunch...and I had pizza for dinner just last night (from the excellent King & Sons in my hometown), but, still, this post from Slice has me salivating.

It makes me want to try to eat my way down the list, that's what it does...

[via Boing Boing, which means most of you have already seen it]


Brad Holden said...

Some the best stuffed pizza I have ever had comes from Berkeley, though there are amazing stuffed pizzas in Chicago as there should be.

I am not big a fan of the "st. louis" style, which I have also heard as "wisconsin style". I like leavening in my crust (my wife calls it Matzo pizza).

All of this annoys me, as, when in NJ over the holidays, we never got any good pizza. New York style can be found in California, but the good stuff seems durn expensive.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Brad: I almost cried "heresy" when you said you couldn't find good pizza in NJ, but this state is absolutely infested with pizzerias, and only half or so of them are any good at all. (And finding places that can do thick-crust right is even tougher.)

Brad Holden said...

Sorry, I was not clear.

What I meant was, while we were in New Jersey, we never got any pizza at all. My wife and in-laws know where there is good pizza to be had. Not getting any of that yummy goodness was disappointing, to say the least.

Instead, I am back home where good, but not great, pizza is $30 a pie (but mind-boggling good burritos are $4, we take the good with the bad)

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