Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Unexpected New Neighbor

Torque Control has the interesting news that Michael Chabon has joined SFWA.

So -- all that stuff I said about him pretending he doesn't really belong in the genre ghetto when I reviewed The Yiddish Policemen's Union a few weeks back? I'm taking it all back; he's just bought a condo in skiffytown. And it's nice to have him here.

{via Shaken & Stirred}


Anonymous said...

Is it possible he's doing it just to piss on the literature crowd's shoes?

Michael A. Burstein said...

He was listed as a new member in the latest Forum. I didn't really think of this as news, however. And I know he likes the genre; the one time I met him, he had nice things to say about Analog.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Johan: I don't see why the "literature crowd" (even assuming there is such a thing) would notice or care.

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