Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spectrum 14 edited by Cathy Fenner & Arnie Fenner

I "read" this more than two weeks ago now. (Actually, there is a very long, and occasionally tediously political, introduction from co-editor Arnie Fenner, so there is something to "read" here.)

On the egoboo front, there's a great piece from Stephan Martiniere, art-directed by Nicholas Sica (who lost his job from That Company at the same time I did) and for one of the books in the SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection (which I conceived back in 2002 and then acquired and published 40 books over the next five years). Congrats, Nick! (The art is for Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, and is on p. 51.)

Also from the old digs is a nice piece by Patrick Arrasmith, on p. 152, art-directed by David Lai. (I never met Lai, which I think just shows how talented, and deep, a bench of art directors that now-gone iteration of the company had. It was full of great creative professionals, doing hard, wonderful work every single day.)

But, besides the stuff I have a tenuous connection to, there's also another two hundred and twenty pages or so of great art from 2006 in this book. I used to get the "Spectrum" books because I was choosing artists and deciding on art styles for SFF books; now I get it just because the art is amazing and inspiring. They're great books, and they only get better year-to-year.

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