Monday, January 07, 2008

Incoming Books, Week of 1/5

Remember how yesterday I promised things would get better on the posting front today? Well, this week is the Pinewood Derby for my two young Cub Scouts, plus a very busy week at work, plus I wasn't quite done fiddling with iTunes, plus I still haven't swapped out keyboards (so I'm still using the horrible one, which, frankly, does not make we want to type anything). And then I got sucked into watching TV for an hour with The Wife, because one of those house-hunting shows was running around Wayne, NJ (where I grew up, and the next town over).

Put it this way: I'm at least 600 articles behind in Bloglines, so posts of my own, being more effort than reading other peoples', are less likely for another twenty-four hours or so.

But I forgot to list what came in last week: one manga volume for review, and four books from two different libraries (Saturday was a busy day, with renewing my library card and getting Thing 1's very first card, plus a birthday party and other errands). Nothing I actually spent money on, which is good.

I'm liking this library thing more and more. At the old job, I could get nearly anything new in a cheap book-club edition, and return it to the unread shelf (or its owner) when I was done. So I was out of the habit of getting library books -- but that's perfect for things I only want to read, not to keep.

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