Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dress Up Like a Proper Victorian Lady

I still have hopes to read Gail Carriger's debut novel Soulless -- I got it as a galley at BEA, so I feel like I'm months behind, but it hasn't even published yet -- since it looks like a lot of fun, being a comedy of manners among the supernatural set in Victorian London.

And it can be even more fun now, since Orbit, the publisher of Soulless, has created an online dress-up doll to promote it. I both like frivolous online games and silly promotional vehicles -- I get so bored in my own marketing job, since very little of it could be effectively publicized through online games -- so I'm very much in favor of this.

I've created my own outfit, for a very proper woman (you should see the levels of underwear possible in this!) whom I call Gertrude Two Umbrellas.
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Anonymous said...

I've got a novel coming out next year that is extremely promotable online. Sadly, I'm clueless--and I'm concerned that the publisher isn't much better.

Can anyone recommend a publicity company that goes great work with online marketing campaigns ... and costs less than a fortune? (Or is that saying: I'd like to earn a few bucks, does anyone know next week's winning lottery numbers?)

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