Friday, September 04, 2009

James Bond Daily: Honor Among Thieves

From an internal SPECTRE briefing session, on p. 227 of Thunderball:
During the planning stages, months before in Paris, Blofeld had warned Largo that if trouble was caused by any members of his team it was to be expected from the two Russians, the ex-members of SMERSH, No 10 and No 11. 'Conspiracy,' Blofeld had said, 'is their lifeblood. Hand in hand with conspiracy walks suspicion. These two men will always be wondering if they are not the object of some subsidiary plot -- to give them the most dangerous work, to make them fall-guys for the police, to kill them and steal their share of the profits. They will be inclined to inform against their colleagues and always to have reservations about the plans they are agreed upon. For them, the obvious plan, the right way to do a thing, will have been chosen for some ulterior reason which is being kept hidden from them. They will need constant reassurance that nothing is being kept hidden from them, but, once they have accepted their orders, they will carry them out meticulously and without regard for their person safety. Such men, apart from their special talents, are worth having. But you will please remember what I have said, and should there be trouble, should they try and sow mistrust within the team, you must act quickly and with utter ruthlessness. The maggots of mistrust and disloyalty must not be allowed to get a hold in your team., They are the enemies within that can destroy even the most meticulous planning.'
Immediately afterward, coming out of from this flashback, one of the Russians does try to sow mistrust, and Largo goes act with utter ruthlessness.
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