Monday, September 07, 2009

Lazy and/or Busy Weekend

My immediate excuse for not having the usual Monday-morning "Reviewing the Mail" post up on time is that Blogger was acting up last night as I was writing it -- it was refusing to save, so I just stopped working on it.

Of course, I could easily have written it all up in Word and had it ready for when Blogger was working again...but who wants to do that on a holiday weekend? So it'll be delayed until some time later today.

The weekend has been an interesting mix of frenzy and lethargy -- the family had a lot of things to do yesterday (it was Pompton Day in my hometown, which generated about three activities, plus the end of summer bowling and other things), but I've been very lazy otherwise. I've been sitting in front of this computer a lot, but I'm not even checking my blogs -- just playing online games or otherwise slaughtering time blithely. It would b e wonderful...if I weren't the type of person who feels guilty when I'm not getting things accomplished.

Maybe now, in the latter half of the last day of the three-day weekend, I'll find some energy and get things done. Or perhaps not.

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