Thursday, September 10, 2009

James Bond Daily: Gay Panic!

M detours through his own fears while reading a dossier on Paco "Pistols" Scaramanga, killer for hire, on p.33 of The Man With The Golden Gun:
'... In listing his accomplishments, Time notes, but does not comment upon, the fact that this man cannot whistle. Now it may only myth, and it is certainly not medical science, but there is a popular theory that a man who cannot whistle has homosexual tendencies. (At this point, the reader may care to experiment, and, from his self-knowledge, help to prove or disprove this item of folklore! C.C.)' (M hadn't whistled since he was a boy. Unconsciously his mouth pursed and a clear note was emitted. He uttered an impatient 'tchah!' and continued with his reading.)
No mention is made of Bond trying, or failing, to whistle. And, in the cause of full information, I might mention that I myself had great trouble whistling most of my life -- though something seemed to click about a decade back, and now I'm not bad at it.
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I am re-reading the Man With Golden Gun and just re-posted this same exact paragraph.

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