Thursday, September 17, 2009

James Bond Daily: The End of Bond?

James Bond Daily ends, appropriately, with the end of The Man With The Golden Gun, as 007 ponders recuperating under the care of Miss Mary Goodnight on pp. 181-182:
'And James, it's not far from the Liguanea Club and you can go there and play bridge, and golf when you get better. There'll be plenty of people for you to talk to. And then of course I can cook and sew buttons for you and so on.'

Of all the doom-fraught graffiti a woman can write on the wall, those are the most insidious, the most deadly.

James Bond, in the full possession of his senses, with his eyes wide open, his feet flat on the linoleum floor, stuck his head blithely between the mink-lined jaws of the trap. He said, and meant it, 'Goodnight, You're an angel.'

At the same time, he knew, deep down, that love from Mary Goodnight, or from any woman, was not enough for him. It would be like taking 'a room with a view'. For James Bond, the same view would always pall.
And thus concludes "James Bond Daily." We now return to your regularly scheduled Antick Musings, already in progress.
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Andy: I enjoyed the Bond tour. Thanks.

Jeff Ford

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