Sunday, September 27, 2009

Movie Log: Bullets Over Broadway

The Wife wasn't interested in seeing Bullets Over Broadway -- the fact that it was directed by Woody Allen may have turned her off, actually -- so I ended up watching it by myself. And that's often not a good idea, since I distract myself when I'm watching a movie alone, unless it's absolutely gripping. (I've been known to distract myself when watching movies in company as well, but that's a different problem.)

So this was one of the Woodman's periodic returns to comedy; this one for about fifteen years ago. I also found John Cusack -- as the young writer at the center of the movie, i.e., the Woody Allen figure -- didn't do as much of an Allen imitation as many of the actors in similar parts before and since did, which was nice.

But, overall, I didn't pay as much attention to this movie as I probably should have. It was funny in spots, and had some interesting characters, but I suspect I needed to be much more involved in live theater (it's set in the theatrical, and gangster, world of New York in the '20s) than I am to really appreciate it.

So: I saw it, and don't remember it well. On to something else.

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