Sunday, September 06, 2009

James Bond Daily: 007 Will Gamble on Anything

Remember when Bond called blackjack a children's game? Well, he doesn't necessarily mean that in a derogatory fashion, as you can guess from this even more childish game, played on p.006 of You Only Live Twice with the head of Japan's Secret Service, Tiger Tanaka:
It was the old game of Scissors cut Paper, Paper wraps Stone, Stone blunts Scissors, that is played by children all over the world. The fist is the Stone, two outstretched fingers are the Scissors, and a flat hand is the Paper. The closed fist is hammered twice in the air simultaneously by the two opponents and, at the third downward stroke, the chosen emblem is revealed. The game consists of guessing which emblem the opponent will chose, and of you yourself choosing one that will defeat him. Best of three goes or more. It is a game of bluff.
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