Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Out of the House

I expected not to be able to make a real post tonight because The Wife and I had tickets for an Elvis Costello concert in Montclair (only a couple of towns over from us in bucolic suburban New Jersey, and much more convenient than NYC). We were looking forward to it; I was particularly happy to hear that EC had broken out the Spectacular Spinning Songbook for this tour, for the first time since the mid-80s. (I like randomness almost as much as I like silly, demented ideas.)

But Elvis was afflicted with bronchitis, and the show was "postponed." (No clue what that means, or if we'll ever get either a concert or our money back.)

We are smart parents, though, and we know the Inviolable Rule: Thou Shalt Take Advantage of Babysitting. So we regrouped, and had dinner at a nice restaurant that we've been going to for twenty years (Miele's, an excellent Italian joint in fair Verona) and then went to see a movie, just because we could.

(It was Bridesmaids, as the most adult general-release movie out there, and we liked it -- I expect I'll do a "review" here later.)

So I wasn't able to make a real post here tonight for a slightly different reason than I'd expected.

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