Monday, May 23, 2011

Hugo Thoughts

So I just spent some time loading the massive Hugo Voters Packet onto my iPad (and selections onto my iPod Touch, just in case), in preparation for a massive trip I've got coming up.

And I realized, as I was tagging all of those thing to make sure I can find them -- amid the raft-load of public-domain books that I grabbed for free, like we all do in ebook form -- that I now have eleven book-length works, plus at least a fat book's worth of stories, plus a pile of full magazine issues, just from this packet. I could spend all of June reading this stuff, and not even get through all of it.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you -- I'm just wondering how conscientious a Hugo voter I'm going to be this year. I didn't manage to nominate -- yes, yes, it was very bad of me, but it's been a massively busy season at work -- so I do want to at least vote, and vote with some sense of knowledge about the works nominated. But I'll have to see how serious that feeling is, as I confront the virtual tower of Hugo Packet day-by-day.

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