Monday, May 23, 2011

Where I'll Be in June

Short version: not here.

Longer version:

I have three conferences for work, back-to-back-to-back, and I was originally planning to split them with my assistant. Well, unfortunately, that assistant left for greener pastures (still within Wiley, though, so it's not too bad), so the planning changed. Luckily, two of those conferences are in the same city, and in adjacent facilities, right after each other. (So I was already planning on one of us -- I'd planned on "not me," actually -- doing those two together.)

But now, my itinerary will be:

Flying down to lovely Orlando, Florida next Thursday afternoon, in the company of The Wife. Spending a couple of days there together, to celebrate a combination of slightly-belated-anniversary (we'd been together 25 years at the beginning of May, and our 18th wedding anniversary was yesterday) and my birthday.

Then she flies back on Sunday morning, as I hunker down to the first of those conferences: IMA. (If you happen to be there, say hello -- Wiley is the official bookstore of the conference, so I'll be easy to find.)

On the following Tuesday evening, I fly off to San Diego, where my colleagues will already be setting up for the NACVA conference, which begins the next morning at an ungodly hour.

That runs through Friday, and then I actually have Saturday off, more or less. The ACFE conference then starts up on my second Sunday away, in that big convention center they have in San Diego. (And, yes, that will be my only time in it this year -- and my first time there since Comic-Con back in 1998.)

Then, finally, I get a red-eye flight home on Tuesday night, getting back to scenic JFK airport somewhere around 5 AM on Wednesday the 15th.

But...even before that, I've got an event the night before, nine days from today: I'm the "opening act" for my author Jonathan Spira, who will be speaking at the Public Relations Society of America-New York about his brand new book Overload!. I'm going to talk about how to promote books these days -- the hook is "in an age of ebooks" -- but Spira is the real draw, since he's an expert on a topic all of us on the Internet know far too well, the fact there's just too much data in front of any of us to keep up with. This is a paid, ticked PRSA-NY event, so I doubt anyone I know will show up.

And then...only half the month will be over, and I'll be completely exhausted and close to two weeks behind on work. Ah, the glories of publishing!

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